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Average Rental Prices for Colorado Springs:

Type Bedrooms Average
Apartment 1 Bedroom $663
Apartment 2 Bedroom $772
Apartment 3 Bedroom $1,224
Apartment 4 Bedroom $943
Apartment Studio $640
Condo-townhome 1 Bedroom $609
Condo-townhome 2 Bedroom $978
Condo-townhome 3 Bedroom $1,093
Condo-townhome 4 Bedroom $1,550
Single family home 1 Bedroom $480
Single family home 2 Bedroom $974
Single family home 3 Bedroom $1,161
Single family home 4 Bedroom $1,263
Single family home 5+ Bedroom $1,518

Colorado Springs Info:

Garden of the Gods Garden of the Gods

Colorado Springs homes for rent is influenced by the troop levels at the Fort Carson. As the troop level increase for military soldiers and their families the vacancy rate drops. Apartment vacancy rates can drop below 10% as more troops are added in south Colorado Springs near the army base.

The city has many parks, Acacia and Bancroft Parks, Garden of the Gods Park - most famous, North Cheyenne Canon Park, Broadmoor Valley, Cheyenne Meadows, Fountain, Mountain Shadows.

Colorado Springs homes for rent neighborhoods: Creekstone, Springs Ranch, Stetson Hills, Powers Corridor Shopping Area, Schriever AFB, Peterson AFB Bases, Peyton Pines, Village Seven, Woodmen Hills, Penrose Hospital, Villa Loma Community, Soaring Eagles, Meridian Ranch, Pete Field, Kissing Camels, Cedar Heights, Crystal Hills, Powers Area.

Education: Colorado College, Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind, United States Air Force Academy, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS), Pikes Peak Community College, Nazarene Bible College, Remington College, Colorado Technical University, DeVry University.

Colorado Springs West Colorado Springs

Cascade Info:

Cascade is a small little town up from Colorado Springs on Route 24 with lots of cute mountain homes. We rented a small cabin that was over 100 years old with amazing views of the Pikes Peak area.

Green Mountain Falls Info:

Green Mountain Falls is another small little town on Route 24 past Cascade. Green Mountain Falls is a little bigger than Cascade and a longer commute in to the city.

Fountain Info:

Located 10 miles south of Colorado Springs, Fountain is isolated enough from CO Springs to have a small town feel. Since most of the growth in Colorado Springs is heading towards Denver and not Pueblo, Fountain should keep it's small town charm for a while. Just west of Fountain is the large Fort Cason base.

Manitou Springs Info:

Manitou Springs is just west of CO Springs in the foothills, it has a nice downtown area with an old arcade and good places to eat for lunch. Their are many homes placed high up with nice views of CS downtown area.

Monument Info:

Monument is just north of Colorado Springs on highway I25. It appears that Colorado Springs metro area is growing north, which makes sense because people like to be closer to Denver. Driving by on I25 you can see many new homes being built along the highway and Lake Woodmoor. If you are looking to getting away from the traffic in Colorado Springs then renting a home in Monument might be a good idea. Monument CO rental homes usually range in price from $1,100-$1,800 per month. Monument is home to a couple of golf courses, Woodmoor Pines Golf and County Club and Kings Deer Colf Club. It also has two parks in town called Dirty Women Creek Park and Limbach Park.

Palmer Lake Info:

North west of Monument is Palmer Lake on route 105. I remember driving through the town once but I had a hard time finding the actual lake, maybe it dried up. Palmer has a couple of parks, Centennial Park and Glen Park. It is a nice small town away from the I25 noise.

Woodland Park Info:

Even farher into the mountains than Green Mountain Falls on Route 24 is Woodland Park. It is a cute mountain with a few great lunch places to eat. Colorado Springs rental properties of course has many more options than Woodland Park in terms of apartments, condos and such - but it is hard to beat the small town charm of Woodland Park.

Cheyenne Mountian Zoo Cheyenne Mountian Zoo

Residing in the shadow of the famed Pike's Peak and blessed by the beauty of The Garden of the Gods, this city of over 350,000 residents is one of Colorado's most beautiful and entertaining. It was, in fact, initially founded as a "resort town" by General William Palmer. His "Antler's Hotel" is still running, but in a third (and more modern) structure and currently under the Hilton chain. More interesting is his original home in Colorado Springs. With the money he made founding the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad, he built Glenn Eyrie. Acres of incredible landscaping surround (among several other buildings) a "Scottish castle" and carriage house. It must be seen to be believed. You can stay at the castle, and participate in their history tour and "English Tea". The castle is currently the home of the Navigator's, a non-denominational Christian education organization. It holds many of its conferences on the property. Also remnant from Colorado Springs "resort roots" is the famed Broadmore Hotel, established by playboy and sportsman Spencer Penrose. This hotel is clearly the "jewel" of Colorado Spring's lodging. Originally built as a gambling hotel, the property was developed by Spencer Penrose and his wife Julie in 1916 to be one of the most beautiful resorts in the world. It now boasts 3 world-class golf courses, a tennis club and spa. If you stay at the Broadmoor, do not miss a chance to see the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo located just up the Mountain. This zoo was also founded by Spencer Penrose, and has beautiful views of the Broadmoor and the city of Colorado Springs. You can feed the giraffes crackers (an incredible up-close encounter with the animals), take a pony ride, see incredible animals and visit the children's petting zoo. It is a very impressive attraction! While in Colorado Springs, be sure to also see the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame, the U.S. Figure Skating Hall of Fame (Colorado Springs is home to the U.S. Olympic Committee), the Air Force Academy and the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (alma mater for several U.S. Astronauts and an up-and-coming undergraduate campus).

Garden of the Gods Garden of the Gods

Just four miles from Colorado Springs is the charming Victorian town of Manitou Springs. This town (which I hear has a fruit cake throwing contest every Christmas) is just up Highway 24, on route to Pikes Peak. It is proud of its "Victorian Essence" and is packed with cute bed and breakfasts. Some of the more appealing include the Avenue Inn and Victoria's Keep.

Don't miss seeing the Miramont Castle. Built by a French Priest for he and his mother, it is a beautiful tour for fans of the Victorian era. You can have tea in the garden room, and in the basement of the Mansion is a doll house furniture museum created by a local citizen. It is a wonderful place to bring your little girls. While in Manitou Springs, you may also like to see the Cave of the Winds and the Cog Railroad ride up to the top of Pikes Peak. We will say that for such a "tourist-oriented" town, we did find some restaurants that were unreasonably unfriendly to children. As for the rental markets, we are told that most rentals are between $600 and $900 per month. You are more likely to find a house than a true apartment. If you are paying near the $600 price, be prepared for more "rustic" lodgings.

Up the road from Manitou Springs is Cascade. Cascade is really the gateway to Pikes Peak. There are several nice places to stay. One of the best we saw was the Eastholme Bed and Breakfast, which is on the National Register of Historic Places. If you have kids, don't miss the North Pole. An old-fashioned Christmas-Themed amusement park at the base of Pikes Peak. It is wonderfully clean, and perfect for the 10-and-under set. We spent the entire day there. It has been operating for almost 60 years.

Right next to Cascade is a restaurant called The Wines of Colorado. We were not able to go, but did pop in to get a bottle of wine. The place was filled with cheerful staff and customers. They were doing wine tasting indoors, and there was a beautiful river-side dining area outdoors. They must be doing something right, because the parking lot was continually packed. We look forward to eating there on our next visit.

As some final thoughts, you will note a strong conservative element to Colorado Springs. It is home to both the Air Force Academy and several conservative evangelical Christian groups (such as Focus on the Family and the Navigators). The town was originally established as a non-drinking town (in the "Wild Wild West", if you can imagine!). It remained that way until after prohibition in 1933. One prime tourist attraction is Old Colorado City, which was established as a refuge for those "miners and cowboys" who had a hard time living under such moral standards. We certainly came out thinking of it as "Colorado's Salt Lake City".