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Average Rental Prices for Boise:

Type Bedrooms Average
Apartment 1 Bedroom $641
Apartment 2 Bedroom $600
Duplex 3 Bedroom $900
Condo-townhome 2 Bedroom $731
Condo-townhome 3 Bedroom $941
Single family home 1 Bedroom $492
Single family home 2 Bedroom $441
Single family home 3 Bedroom $991
Single family home 4 Bedroom $1,024
Single family home 5+ Bedroom $1,447

Landlord Tip:

Boise Photo by Jesse Tribby

Which rental rent the fastest?

Obviously there are dozens of factors that go in to which properties rent the fastest in Boise. I think the single biggest factor is going to be price, but it is not the only factor - location, features and amenities, how clean is it, general upkeep and repair of the property.

Some of the landlords out there struggle with pricing their property, we talked about rentVine's average rental tool which is a great place to start. The average property investor knows to go to Craigslist, but some of the mistakes that these investors make, the biggest one is price, and investor does know what his property is worth and they use emotional criteria to price their Boise rental property instead of the market. I am here to tell you that their is not a tenant on the planet in the rental market that cares what your mortgage is. The mortgage is your problem not theirs. If your mortgage is $1,600 a month and it should rent for $1,300 that means you are going to lose $300 a month - and that is a fact. If you are surround by similar houses that are renting for $1,300 and yours is $1,600 yours will either not rent or will be the last one to rent.

If you took the weekend off to put in a new floor, well that floor might be worth more to you than a tenant. To the tenant it is just a floor, they really don't care.

Vacancy is a killer. Everyday of vacancy is going to cost you around $40-$100 a day. If you were to rent your Boise property within two weeks and put it at $1,500 a month vs. $1,750 and it stays on the market 45 or 60 days on the market you are missing out on that $1,500 each month, at that point it just doesn't matter because at 60 days you have lost $3,000 on your investment. What will happen it will sit there for 60 days you will get frustrate and finally rent it out a couple of weeks later for $1,500. You have wasted all that stress and showings for nothing.

Fresh paint, new carpets, nice landscaping, anything that is nice than the competition is going to rent first. David Borden -

Neighborhoods: Downtown (BODO), The North End, Southwest Boise, Northwest, Northeast, Warm Springs, East End, The Boise Bench, Camel's Back Park.