Longview WA area - Cowlitz County

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Castle Rock, Cathlamet, Kelso, Mount Vernon, Puget Island, Ryderwood, in WA.

Rental Tips:

Question: Where is a good spot to buy a rental for lease – near light rail, ski resorts, colleges?

Wendy Frenzel: It really depends on where you want to purchase the home – look at it from what interests you? If you would be interested living near a light rail then purchase near light rail – if you are interested in skiing then purchase near a ski resort because with a ski resort you are going to not have it rented the same way as you would like light rail or a college property is totally different renting wise than ski resorts. Ski resorts you are going to be looking at having something with furniture, you are going to probably need a maid service you are looking a short term leases, unless you are living next door you would really need a property manager for that kind of service.

College, there are times when semesters change it is really busy, but that summer months you might have a vacancy – light rail areas you are going to looking at a good range of people that are interested. You are going to have young professionals you might have college kids if light rail is going to a college you are going to have families, you are going to have seniors because they might not want to drive because they want to be close to everything going on around downtown. So light rail has a lot of benefits and it has more people that would be interested in that type of home. And it is going to be longer term than a college town or ski resorts.

Question: Talk about this home in particular – the person renting it out is in the military does that happen with a lot of your properties since you are so close to Colorado Springs and military base?

Wendy Frenzel:That is a good question – no military wise we don’t have a lot of homes owned by military or leased by military even though we are close to Colorado Springs and Buckley (Air force Base) we are in between the two, we do have some that work in those different places. I have had recruiters come and rent some of my homes but overall it is family that want to be close to Denver and Colorado Springs at least in the Castle Rock area because they don’t know where the spouses will be working. One is going to be working in like the Denver Tech Center (DTC) and they don’t want to live in “Denver” they want more family and areas and that is why the pick more of the southern areas because you have access to both locations.