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College Place, Milton Freewater, Pasco, Walla Walla, in WA.

Rental Tips:

Question: Can you fill my vacancy in 3 days for $2,500 a month?

Marc Cunningham: When people tell me they need someone in in 3 days and it has to be a good tenant and it has to be $2,500 a month, they are not the owner that we want to work with because that is not realistic, you have to have realistic expectations as a property owner.

Bad things are going to happen ans what we will do or any other property management company will do is help mitigate the damages and minimize the risk. So we are going to try to get the best tenant we can get we are going to try and rent it as quickly as possible and try yo keep damage to a minimum when the tenants are in the property keep the repair work to the highest quality at the lowest cost. So we are going to bring all those things together as a property management company. Try to keep the risk to a minimum with the least addendum lead base paint mold, there are so many unknowns that can come up. So that is one of our jobs is to keep that to a minimum.

Question: What is the typical time frame to rent out a typical property?

Marc Cunningham: Are answer to that is typically 60 days, if we have been doing full advertising on a property and it has been 60 days and it hasn’t been rented something is wrong. Either the property does not show well or it is priced too high or it is in a bad location. Those are the 3 factors the location the quality and the price.

If it is in a decent location and it shows well and we are not going to take on a property if it is junk, if it shows well and it is in a decent location it comes down to price and that is the factor you can play with.