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This is a sample page (not a real company) to demonstrate how to place your mapVine map on your site.

Let's say this is your home page and this is where you talk about who you are, what types of properties you have, your experience, etc.

There are many ways to structure a web page, for simplicity I used a table method because that is the simplest to demonstrate with.

After you have logged in to mapVine, entered all your properties and then copied the code in step 3, then you use your web editing software such as Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Publisher and then paste that code in your desired location.

For this is example I pasted the mapVine code into the table cell to the right of this one.

Once you have pasted the code, you will not see the map, you will only see the mapVine link and the "powered by mapVine" logo and possibly text that reads "Please update your browser" - this is normal. You will only see the map after you upload your page and then view it in your browser.

When you are done you can return to mapVine.

Copyright 2006 Acme Properties (not a real company)