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Tenant Screening Expert

Tenant Screening Expert

About Us:

Rentvine is a dynamic and innovative company dedicated to delivering new technology to our customers in the property management industry. We have an enormous opportunity in the space to grow our company and compete with multi-billion dollar, publicly traded companies. We take pride in our best-in-class product support, technical and industry expertise, and commitment to excellence. As we continue to grow, we are seeking a highly motivated tenant screening expert to be able to assist customers when needed and provide feedback on the software to the dev team.

Location: Estero, FL

We are currently looking to fill a position in the Application and Screening division at Rentvine. Rentvine is a full service cloud base Property Management Software company.

To give you a quick overview of what the position entails, we partner with TransUnion's Resident Screening Division and Plaid for Income and Identity Verifications to offer our customers an integrated Applicant Screening Service and an online application.

Your primary role would involve Account/Project Management and initiating the screening and application process for new customers within our software platform. You'll guide them through the entire onboarding process using our established procedures.

Your duties encompass assisting clients in selecting the most suitable screening package to meet their specific needs. Additionally, you may provide training on our Screening and Application platform, which includes access to training videos and knowledge base articles. If further assistance is required, we offer live training sessions via Google Meet, complete with screen sharing to ensure clarity. Strong project management skills will play a major role in this position.

You will work in collaboration with both our Team (including our Remote Team Members) and TransUnion’s Team. Your responsibilities extend to supporting clients with their Application Template creation and review process. Once a client approves their application and their screening profile setup is finalized, you will transition the account to an active status.

We believe in cross-training our team members in various aspects of the division. Over time, this role has the potential to evolve into the Screening and Application Manager position, where you will oversee client accounts and manage team members effectively.

To apply, please email along with your Full Legal Name and Resume. 

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