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Arvada, Aurora, Bailey, Bear Valley, Bennett, Black Hawk, Bow Mar, Brighton, Capitol Hill, Castle Pines, Castle Rock, Centennial, Central City, Cherry Creek, Cherry Hills Village, Commerce City, Conifer, Dacano, Denver, Edgewater, Elbert, Elizabeth, Englewood, Erie, Evergreen, Federal Heights, Fort Lupton, Franktown, Frederick, Genesee, Glendale, Golden, Green Valley Ranch, Greenwood Village, Henderson, Highlands Ranch, Hudson, Idaho Springs, Kiowa, Lakewood, Larkspur, Littleton, Lochbuie, Lone Tree, Montbello, Morrison, Northglenn, Parker, Pine, Sedalia, Sheridan, Thornton, Washington Park, Watkins, Westminster, Wheat Ridge, in CO.

Average Rental Prices for Denver:

Type Bedrooms Average
Apartment 1 Bedroom $755
Apartment 2 Bedroom $943
Apartment 3 Bedroom $1,289
Apartment 4 Bedroom $1,471
Apartment 5+ Bedroom $2,917
Apartment Studio $702
Duplex 2 Bedroom $1,138
Duplex 3 Bedroom $2,100
Condo-townhome 1 Bedroom $1,012
Condo-townhome 2 Bedroom $1,380
Condo-townhome 3 Bedroom $1,820
Condo-townhome 4 Bedroom $2,361
Condo-townhome 5+ Bedroom $2,015
Condo-townhome Studio $528
Condo-townhome Loft Bedroom $1,890
Single family home 1 Bedroom $855
Single family home 2 Bedroom $1,197
Single family home 3 Bedroom $1,528
Single family home 4 Bedroom $2,085
Single family home 5+ Bedroom $3,244
Single family home Studio $550

What is the Denver Rental Market Like Right Now?

Houses for rent in Denver Denver Neighborhood - Montview Area

I've had a lot of conversations with property managers over the past 4 or 5 months in Denver. In all the years I have been doing property management with my parents or with my old site RentClicks, this is as good as it has been. I am talking to people that are renting out their Denver rentals in days not weeks or months. They are raising rents and the last I heard the Denver vacancy rate was under 4% which depending the property type is incredible. Many years ago it was 15%, the inventory of Denver rentals like apartment and homes was three times what it is now which obviously favors the tenants at that point and time.

With the collapse of the housing market and the financial situation that is going on, one of the industries that was hurt the most was the rental industry. Historically home ownership rates in the US are usually around 60% which means 40% are renting. For a long time that has been the natural balance between renting and owning. With some of the creative loans over the years home ownership spiked to almost 71% at the peak of the housing boom in 2007 and 2008. What most people don't realize is that 10% came from the rental side. So that inventory of rentals are still there sitting vacant. So property managers apartment complexes had a tough go for about 10 years. And rents were consistently being driven down because let's face it the American dream is to own a home and there is a lot of peer pressure to own instead of rent.

Now in today's rental market it is heading the other way now from that 10% because of foreclosure (8 to 10 million homes). Many people are so underwater they have decided to walk away, those people now need to get back in to the rental market because lending is very difficult right now, and we are probably going to see a shift back to that 60/40 ratio number. I think it is heading back to 60/40 in the next 4 or 5 years.

You have a flood of people heading back in to the rental market, and you have a lot of rental inventory held up in foreclosure process so what that is doing is creating a demand for the inventory that is still out there. So that has driven down the vacancy rate in Denver to 4% or 6% nationally which is excellent. Typically you are going to be between 7 and 9%, during the housing boom some of these cities like Phoenix, Vegas had 20% vacancy rates. So it is a little like a rubber band, the rates will head a little south of 4% and then start to rebound as the foreclosure inventory gets released into the rental market.

The increase in the real estate market was so drastic, is was so unrealistic last 20 years, historically home price increased 3 or 4% a year, then you had people buying condos and doubling their money before they were built and that was just crazy. But if you look at a graph of home prices over the past 20 years the graph now is exactly where it should be. It is probably going to dip a bit more than that before coming out of it.

Property managers are having fun the past couple of years, the rental market has been good and more in control of their properties and they can make sure they get the best tenants, but right now the Denver rental market is in pretty good shape as far as the landlords are concerned. David Borden -

Some of Denver neighborhoods include: Alamo Placita, Auraria, Baker, Capitol Hill, Cherry Creek, City Park, Civic Center, Five Points, Golden Triangle, Highland, Jefferson Park, LoDo, Montbello, Park Hill, Stapleton (new), University and Washington Park.

Colleges and universities located in Denver: University of Denver, Metropolitan State College of Denver, University of Colorado at Denver and Health Sciences Center, Johnson & Wales University, Regis University, Community College of Denver, Heritage College, National American University, and Yeshiva Toras Chaim Talmudical Seminary.

Arvada information

Located just northwest of Denver, Arvada provides a quick commute in to downtown Denver or Golden. Arvada houses of rent range from $900 to $1,800. Arvada has a couple of golf courses: Indian Tree Golf Course and West Woods. Parks located in Arvada include North Jeffco Park, Hoskinson Park, Memorial Park. Arvada has quiet neighborhoods with great views of the mountains such as in the Wyndham Park Community, Water Tower District, Olde Towne or Old Town, Village of Five Parks.

Aurora information

rentals in Stapleton New Stapleton Development

Aurora is the 3rd largest city in Colorado which covers 144 square miles. The city has quick access to Denver's airport and downtown. One of the hot places to rent a house is in the new Stapleton development. The houses in Stapleton are located close to one another, so the lawns are very small or non-existant.

Neighborhoods in Aurora: Buckley Air Force Base, Cross Creek, The Dam East, Eastridge, The Farm, Fitzsimons Campus, Heritage at Eagle Bend, Hoffman Heights, Mission Viejo, Murphy Creek, Piney Creek, Quincy Hill, Saddle Rock, Seven Hills, Siena, Tallyn's Reach, Tollgate Crossing, Tuscany, Village East and Stapleton which is the old airport turned into a housing community.

Bailey information

Bailey is located southwest of Denver (hour drive) up in the mountains on route 285. Bailey has a very small downtown area only a few hundred yards long. Bailey mostly offers houses for rent since their are very little apartments or condos there. Many of the houses there have breathtaking snowcapped mountain and valley views. Many of the Bailey rental properties offer large lot sizes such as 3 acres.

Bennett information

Located east of the Denver Airport, Bennett sits up on the high plains looking down into Denver. A quick 25 mile ride on I70 out of Denver takes you to a small quiet town.

Black Hawk and Central City information

Black Hawk located west of Denver in the mountains is a casino gambling town. Many historic homes sit up above the downtown strip in Central City. There is very little flat land left for growth in Black Hawk so one can assume that the rental prices have gone up since the casinos have appeared.

Castle Rock information

Castle Rock house rentals Castle Rock - south of Denver

Located about 30 minutes south of Denver, Castle Rock is named after the butte seen it the picture to the left. If you work in the DTC (Denver Tech Center), Castle Rock might be a good place to rent a home. Castle Rock is also midway between Denver and Colorado Springs.

Neighorhoods include: Castlewood Ranch, The Meadows, Castle Pines, Latigo, Founders Village, Puma Ridge, Downtown, Plum Creek Golf Course, Eagle Tail, Escavera.

Centennial information

Located south of Denver and home to the Centennial Airport. Centennial is a great place to rent if you are working at the DTC. Centennial is often referred to an area with the names of neighboring cities, such as Littleton and Aurora.

Edgewater information

Located just east of downtown and right next to Sloan Lake, Edgewater is very small community with about 5,000 residents. Being so close to dowtown it offers great views of the Denver skyline. Edgewater also has good mix of different housing types from large apartment complexes and single family homes.

Englewood information

Neighborhoods in Englewood: Greenwood Village, Cherry Creek Farms, Castlewood, Inverness Business Park, Meridian Villas, Willow Creek West.

Erie information

The town of Erie has been growing very fast in the past 10 years with the addition of communities such as Vista Ridge. Erie has some condos for rent priced around $1,100 per month.

Evergreen information

Located up I70 at over 7,200 ft, Evergreen is the perfect little mountain town suburb of Denver. Most of the rental homes are hidden from view on the Evergreen Parkway.

The first thing I noticed when coming in to Evergreen CO was this long off ramp coming off of I-70 that sends you speeding into town (Evergreen Pky). I am not saying this is a bad thing, but I can guess at the time they were planning the layout of Evergreen that the planning commission's priority was to have town cater to the town's large population of commuters in to Denver. What is kind of neat is you speed in to town doing 60MPH to reach the neat little downtown area.

As you head to the downtown area you pass by the Evergreen Lake on the right hand side. When you reach downtown I always find parking kind of difficult, it seems the public lot on the right side is always full on the weekends. It is probably due to Beau Jo's Pizza which appears to be the town's anchor "store". I have been to Beau Jo's in Idaho Spring (my favorite pizza place) but not at this one yet.

From what I hear is Evergreen Lake House is place to go ice skating in the winter and trout fishing in the summer, along with special events that happen there are year long. I have never been inside the lake house but it appears to be a great asset for the town.

Evergreen has these sloped valleys that must have been carved out thousands of years ago by ice that really adds cool feature to the town's looks. It seems every time you look down or up one of these sloped valleys you see a herd of elk grazing along. If you are looking for activites and events within Evergreen the chamber site appears to have all the happening on their calendar.

Evergreen appears to have mostly single-family homes, many hidden from view from the parkway. If you are looking for Evergreen Colorado rentals a good site to use is It appears like Evergreen has many Bed & Breakfasts too.

Besides downtown there are a few strip malls along the parkway. Even though the town is 20 minutes from Denver I am sure any teenage girl would feel insolated in Evergreen by the fact that there is no large mall to hang out at or other things.

We have friends that live in Evergreen, and a few years back (I think 2003) they got dumped on with snow. While we got 30" of snow down in the Denver area our friends got 6' feet of snow. Our friends were stuck for a couple of days.

Golden information

Golden houses Golden - near School of Mines campus

Golden is best known for the large Coors plant in the center of town. It is a rustic authentic Colorado town. Lots of great places to eat and walk around in the downtown area.

New housing development has been expanding north of town on 93 heading towards Boulder. Golden also has many mountain homes for rent besides the traditional housing close to downtown.

There is plenty of off campus housing in walking distance for Colorado School of Mines which is located just west of downtown.

The Old West is authentic in this charming little town in the Colorado Foothills that was the Territory's capital from 1862 to 1867 before it was taken by Denver.

Whether you swoop in on Highway 93 from Boulder or Highway 6 from Denver, it is a very easy drive onto Golden's main street. Don't blink, though. You'll be through the downtown in minutes.

On the way through you'll get a site of Foss's drugstore, a Golden staple where students at the Colorado School of Mines used to get sodas and burgers in the 1940s and where you can buy antiques today. Just off the main drag you'll see Coors Brewery, founded in 1873 by Adolph Coors. Don't expect a grand corporate campus, however. The beer dynasty's headquarters are in the style of post-modern concrete. It is the no frills approach, for sure.

The cliffs overlooking Golden boast most of the regions radio towers. There is talk of them combining all the towers into one. That is a pleasing thought to the many hang-gliders who consider Golden's mountains a choice spot for practice.

Other great spots to visit near Golden include Buffalo Bill's Grave site and Museum, the Colorado Railroad Museum and Tiny Town for the tots. Just about 20 minutes up the road on HW 287, this Colorado staple from the 1920s has toddler-size replicas of most of Colorado's historical buildings and mines. The kids especially enjoy the train ride around the little town.

Highlands Ranch information

The first homes in Highlands Ranch were built around 1981 a few years after the entire ranch was sold. So the town is very young and is known as a bedroom community. Single family homes dominate Highlands Ranch with very few condos or townhouses.

Kiowa information

Kiowa rentals Kiowa - Mountain View

Kiowa is the county seat of Elbert County, an area known for it's ranching and rodeos. Many of those that come to Kiowa choose the area for it's small town feel, open spaces, and views of Pikes Peak views. Kiowa schools offer small class sizes, 4 day school week, sports where everyone participates, and a pre-K thru high school campus. With it's location, it allows for commuting to Denver, Colorado Springs, DIA, or even Limon.

Littleton information

Littleton homes for rent average around $1,300 - $2,200 a month. Littleton is located west of downtown Denver and a bit higher in altitude so views from Littleton down into Denver are pretty nice.

Northglenn information

Located north of Denver NorthGlenn is a bedroom community at the cross roads of 104th Ave and I25. Traffic can be difficult to travel over I25 on 104th during rush hour. However you can get a nice clean shot to the airport using 104th. NorthGlenn has cheaper rent compared to Denver Rental Properties, NorthGlenn usually ranges from $1,100 to $1,300.

Parker information

Located southeast of Denver Parker is a small community that while close to Denver has a nice quiet isolated feel to it. Neighborhoods include: Canterberry Golf Course, Pradera golf course, Clarke Farms, Stroh Ranch, Dove Ridge, StoneGate, Parker Vista.

Thornton information

Thornton has been consistently ranked as one of the most desirable areas to live in the United States. Located just 10 miles north of downtown Denver and located close to the Denver airport. Thornton rental properties such as townhouses range in price from $700-$1,000.

Westminster information

Westminster condos Westminster - Legacy Ridge

Westminster is located on the 36 corridor northwest of Denver. Westminster gives you the nice option of working either in Denver or Boulder. New communities are popping up around the AMC movie theater on 104th like Legacy Ridge. Since the 104th interchange was built Westminster has exploded in growth. Neighborhoods: Watermark, Standley Lake, College Hill, Sunset Ridge, OakHurst.

Church Ranch road is a curious name. It always makes me tilt my head sideways a little and ask, where is the ranch with all the churches? A few years back they added a bunch of condos along 36 southwest of the exit and put up a wall. I remember thinking it wasn't going to take long for graffiti to show up on it, and a couple of weeks later wall had graffi on it and the condo complex was not even complete yet. Makes me wonder why they have build units like that so close to the hwy and then have to build a wall they will need to clean all the time.

Wheat Ridge information

Wheat Ridge is located just west of downtown Denver. Wheat Ridge homes have an average rent range between $700 to $900 /month.