Rental Scam Quiz

  • 1.

    Does the price seem to low for the neighborhood?

    8 questions remain

    Scammers want lots of leads so they make the price really low.

  • 2.

    If Google Street View is available do the photos match?

    7 questions remain

    Use Google Street view to see if the exterior photo matches.

  • 3.

    Is there a free email being used?

    6 questions remain


    Scammers use free email accounts that they can hide behind.

  • 4.

    Does the rental exist elsewhere with a different address or photos?

    5 questions remain

    Take one random sentence from the listing and place it in Google with quotes and see if you get results back with different addresses or photos.

    Scammers are lazy and will reuse rental descriptions they know work.

  • 5.

    Is the owner a missionary, reverend, or doctor?

    4 questions remain

    "Reverend Michael Wells"

    Scammers like to look as trustworthy as possible.

  • 6.

    Does the owner match the County Assessors Office records?

    3 questions remain

    You can search online to find the true owner of the rental .

  • 7.

    Is rental description poorly formatted?

    2 questions remain

    Scammers don't waste time checking their formatting.

  • 8.

    Do the photos seem to be a bit off?

    1 questions remain

    This picture taken from a ski resort condo placed in a Miami ad.

  • 9.

    Is there a phone number listed on the rental listing?

    This is the last question

    Scammers typically don't want to give away their accent on the phone.