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05-17-23 Release Notes

05-17-23 Release Notes

New Features and Enhancements

  • New - Added ability to allow applicants and property managers to invite other individuals to apply for the same unit.  Learn More

    • Upon the submission of applications by the invited individuals, they will be automatically grouped together within a single application. This streamlined process alleviates the burden on property managers, eliminating the need for them to determine which applicants should be grouped together and which should not.

  • New  - Suppressed Fee Mismatch Diagnostic for Bill mode users Learn More

    • This diagnostic simplifies the process of identifying instances where a property manager has either overcharged or undercharged an owner (unit) a suppressed fee by making it more accessible.

  • Added ability to separate the posting of base management fees from additional fees for Bill mode users

    • You will now see a new FEES filter on the Post Management Fees page that allows you to only show ALL, Base or Additional Fees (Suppressed fees). You can easily select which type of fees you want to list just before you post the fees.

    • Added an additional filter on this page to filter by “Property Groups”


  • Prevented check numbers from being duplicated when going through the Pay Bills process

    • Added logic that does not allow bills to be paid at the same time from the same bank account.  This logic prevents duplicate check numbers from being assigned to a check. Also added a button to give the user the option if they want to override the next starting check number just before making a check payment.  Otherwise it will continue to use the starting check number.


  • Added new report “Recurring Bill Details” - Gives you more filters and columns to choose from when analyzing the recurring bills you have in your rentvine account

  • Added Market Rent Amount column to Rent Roll report

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where images uploaded to application templates were not visible when applicants were applying.

  • Fixed timing issue when paying a large number of bills

  • Fixed issue when saving notification settings

  • Fixed filtering of dates on application list view page

  • Fixed issue where option to send remote checks from a payment batch was missing

  • Fixed issue where Owner Statements were being generated for portfolios that were unselected

  • Fixed issue where the option to approve of payment batch was missing

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