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12-11-2023 Release Notes

12-11-2023 Release Notes

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New Highlighted Features and Enhancements

  • NEW - Rent Increase Process

    • Property Managers now have the ability to increase rent on one or many leases by going through a step by step process where you can increase rent by a percentage or flat amount. In addition, you can also increase any other recurring charges as needed.

    • The process allows you to create a rent increase letter for each lease by using a built in rent increase letter template or one that is customized by you.

    • Optionally download and print the letters and/or email the letters to all the residents on the lease(s)

    • This process seamlessly updates the end dates of any current recurring charges that are applicable on the lease(s)

    • Provides an option to reverse/delete the rent increase, which will revert all modifications made.

    • Introduced a new field on leases named “Increase Eligibility Date”

    • New rent increase card can be found on the lease detail view page that allows you to easily track rent increases on leases

    • Multiple places to initiate a rent increase: Lease list view page, Lease details view page and the rent increase card

  • NEW - Use generative AI to rewrite highlighted text

    • Select and highlight text

    • Gives you the option to rewrite, expand, shorten or change the tone of the selected text.

    • This feature is currently available on the property description card in the marketing tab of a property/unit.  It will be made available to other sections of the software over time

  • NEW - Marketing Tab within a property has been redesigned to enhance both the user and mobile experience

    • Includes launching a streamlined, step-by-step procedure for activating a listing, designed for quick and efficient completion of key details necessary to promptly advertise a property

    • All cards have been redesigned, including the syndication and property features cards to provide more information and to make it easier to navigate when selecting options


  • Pages below have been restructured to enhance both user experience and mobile accessibility. Most have been added to the 'Recently Viewed' menu, ensuring they appear if accessed recently.

    • Bills tab on property view page

    • Recurring ledger transfer detail view page

    • Recurring journal entry detail view page

    • Settlement detail view page

    • Management fee charge detail view page (ledger mode)

    • Bank transfer detail view page

    • Returned owner payment detail view page

    • Returned tenant payment detail view page

    • Deposit release credit detail view page

    • Payout return detail view page

    • Ledger transfer detail view page

    • Returned other payment detail view page

    • Journal entry detail view page

    • Bank fee detail view page

    • Reports List view page

  • Added ability to provide feedback on generative AI responses by providing a thumbs up and thumbs down

  • Updated UI of global search bar

  • Updated quick actions and recently viewed tooltips

  • Added a clickable link in the reminder view details page, which directs you to the associated work order

  • Removed type applicant from dropdown list on batch portal invite page

Owner Statements

  • Introduced a new Ledger module that can be added to owner statements.  This module shows all transaction details in date order.  They are not grouped by property, unit or owner.

  • Ledger report can now be added as a report that can be attached to owner statements when published


  • Improved the ledger interface on the ledger tab view page for better mobile compatibility, enabling scrolling on a mobile device to access all ledger data conveniently


  • Canadian addresses are now included in the address lookup on the new property page

  • Modified hyperlinks on property detail view page


  • Introduced a new syndication feed for marketing rentals: the network is now available as a selectable option.

  • Added ability to add an extension to the marketing contact phone number

Screening and Applications

  • Phone numbers of applicants are now visible on the application detail page and can be clicked on to start a voice call.

  • Added ability to print landlord verification response from landlord

  • Added ability to re send a landlord verification to the landlord

  • Added “lease” column on the applications list view page to show if an application was converted into a lease


  • Introduced a new permission setting in roles to manage who is authorized to handle the move-out process on a lease.

  • Implemented a feature to generate a work order directly from the lease detail view using the green actions menu.


  • New Security Deposit Release account setting added to accounting global settings within the leases section

    • Added a "Security Deposit Release" account setting in the accounting global settings under the leases section.

    • This new feature lets you specify a default Chart of Account / General Ledger account for security deposit releases, prior to it being applied to charges or refunds.

    • The functionality is particularly beneficial for displaying security deposit releases and refunds on owner statements and ledgers. For example, you can choose a non-held liability general ledger account to achieve this.

  • Added a feature to display a warning for potential duplicates when entering a recurring bill.

  • Added  ACH to the eCheck payment type option on the Tenant Payment page

  • Added reference column to the payment details view page

  • Added “active” filter to the bank account list view page.  Defaults to show active bank accounts

  • Added feature that allows an electronic lease return to be recorded even if the lease payment associated with the return has a refund associated with it.

  • Introduced a new functionality enabling the recording of an electronic lease return in cases where the associated lease payment has a linked refund.

  • Added a feature to print a vendor invoice as a PDF when that vendor invoice was created in the vendor portal

  • Introduced a new field on the Lease Payment view page: the "Name on Account" field. This field displays the name associated with the credit card or eCheck used for making payments through the resident portal.

  • Introduced an "Exclude Payee" filter feature on the Pay Bills page, enabling the exclusion of one or more payees while processing bill payments.


  • Revised the optional notification sent to an owner when a resident makes a payment through the resident portal to exclude the payment amount.

  • Removed (NSF) from the returned payment notification that is sent to property managers if the return was not due to a NSF

  • Added name of contact next to number on text message select field

  • Implemented a notification to inform vendors when a work order assigned to them has been canceled.


  • Added new filter options to the work order list view page

    • Shared with Tenant

    • Shared with Owner

  • Added vendor closing comments to work order detail view page on the vendor details card

  • Changed description text field to a text area on work order projects

  • Added “scheduled maintenance window” column to the work order list view page

  • Introduced a feature that allows you to hover over a description in the work order list view page to read the full details of a work order

  • Added ability to change the status of a work order when assigning a vendor.  The status field is now available when assigning a vendor


  • Enhanced the Create Scheduled Reports page with a search functionality for contacts. This feature enables you to easily find and select from your existing contacts in Rentvine when deciding recipients for scheduled reports

  • Added a new Income Statement Portfolio Comparison report - Allows you to run an income statement report to compare multiple portfolios in one report

  • Property and Unit reports - added “date contract begins” and “date contract ends” as filter and columns options

  • Vendor payment report - added portfolio as a filter and column option

  • Budget report - added a vacancy loss insight to the report

  • Listing and Vacancy reports - added “county” as a filter and column option

  • Lease Charges report - added “property group” filter and column as an option

  • Vendor report - added “contact tag” as a column option

  • Property report - added the following filters and columns as options

    • Portfolio reserve amount

    • Portfolio additional reserve amount

    • Portfolio additional reserve description

  • Rent Roll report - added “lease tag” as a filter and column option

  • Vendor ledger report - added the following filter options

    • Portfolio

    • Property

    • Unit

  • Property report - added “units” filter as an option

  • Listing report - added “days on market” as a filter and column option

  • Work Orders report

    • added “vendor closing comments” as a filter and column option

    • Added “days open” as a column option

    • Added “rating” as a filter and column option.  Allows you to see the vendor rating on a work order if there is one

  • Lease Payment report - added “date settled” column as an option

  • Modified some verbiage on the scheduled report detailed view

  • Aged Receivables report - renamed “total receivables” to “total receivables due” to better reflect the amount that is being presented and also restructured the query to produce better results

  • Lease Tenant report - added tenant “address” as a column option

Resident Portal

  • Renamed menu items

    • Renamed “Switched Portals” to Switch Contacts”

    • Renamed “Switch Account” to Switch Portals”

Owner Portal

  • Renamed menu items

    • Renamed “Switched Portals” to Switch Contacts”

    • Renamed “Switch Account” to Switch Portals”

Vendor Portal

  • Renamed menu items

    • Renamed “Switched Portals” to Switch Contacts”

    • Renamed “Switch Account” to Switch Portals”

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a saved reports table row link broken issue

  • Fixed an application merge issue where the application ID was not being saved in the core DB

  • Fixed issue where some settlement detail view pages were not rendering

  • Fixed pagination issue on the deposit detail view page

  • Fixed issue where you could not edit the marketing description from a Mozilla browser

  • Fixed pagination issue on vendor list view page

  • Fixed issue where the status column on the Rentsign detail status report was not showing the correct status

  • Fixed ImageManager delete button showing incorrectly

  • Fixed maintenance limit showing on work order detail view page on vendor portal if setting is set to not show it

  • Fixed paying of invoices on admin portal using saved payment method when a saved payment method has not been defined

  • Fixed multiple sentry errors

  • Fixed issue where file upload component throughout the software was not functioning

  • Fixed multiple UI issues on admin portal

  • Fixed property group filter search on the allocate by property section when adding a new bill

  • Fixed issue on maintenance schedule settings page to not allow 0 number of windows

  • Fixed issue where single action button was missing green color

  • Fixed mobile nav rerenders & multiple notification request

  • Fixed IOS mobile portfolio ledger table scroll

  • Fixed marketing details edit modal not saving text

  • Fixed notes error message showing incorrect character limit number not matching the character number shown on the notes box

  • Fixed broken link on returned owner payment page and the original owner payment page showing the wrong return date

  • Fixed issue where the cash flow and income statement per property reports were not running because it was falsely asking to provide a filter

  • Fixed issue where main photo on a property/unit was changing automatically

  • Fixed add recurring bill page crashing

  • Fixed issue where application report would not run if no units were defined on RV account

  • Fixed MapLink component width is taking up all available whitespace

  • Fixed issue where files tab on the lease credit view was showing all of the files attached to the lease

  • Fixed issue where posting bulk management fees page was not loading

  • Fixed an issue where applying a lease payment to charges failed

  • Fixed an issue where notification when a work order is assigned was not functioning on a single RV account

  • Fixed issue where preview of mass letter was not showing the info that was created

  • Fixed issue where a settlement was not being created for a single RV account

  • Fixed issue where lease fee was not correctly showing on the last page of the move in process

  • Fixed issue where chat notification was not being sent to email if no phone number existed

  • Fixed issue where payer was not showing on the recent payments module for other payment types

  • Fixed issue where a mass letter was not emailed it to all recipients on the list

  • Fixed issue where portal invitations would expire before 30 days

  • Fixed issue where moving the due date column on the work order list view page was not rendering correctly

  • Fixed issue when using percent of rent on a lease fee during move in process

  • Fixed viewing of bills issue on owner portal

  • Fixed sharing issue on lease files tab that unshared owners or tenants inadvertently

  • Fixed issue where tenant names were not showing on the lease view print

  • Fixed issue where sharing a file with tenant would unshare it with the owner and vice versa

  • Fixed issue where notifications not being received by assignee of work order when owner approves or rejects a work order estimate

  • Fixed issue where Not In filter on reports with custom fields was not working properly

  • Fixed issue where you could only see the 1st page of the invoice on the add bill page.

  • Fixed issue where live ledger setting would not update when modifying it

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