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HomeVault’s Rentvine Journey, from A to Z

HomeVault’s Rentvine Journey, from A to Z

Ever heard the statement, “To err is human, to foul things up requires a computer”? Every day technology continues to grow, develop, and advance and so do our needs.

At HomeVault, our team are power users of technology. We soon realized that we needed a property management software to go hand in hand with our mission: to offer our clients and tenants a truly effortless experience. We also wanted to reduce the number of individual property management add-on softwares we were using, thus reducing hours of double entry. We started looking for property management software that was smarter, more intuitive, and integrated with our selected partners.

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We knew that picking the right property management software was going to be a challenging task. We needed to make sure the software we choose not only had features we needed and wanted, but was easy to use for our team, our owners, our tenants and our vendors, giving our entire property management company the ability to execute essential and varied tasks including tenant management, accounting and billing, maintenance, property marketing, rent collection, and reporting just to name a few!

Accounting was one of our biggest considering factors. We needed to make sure we had the ability to gain an overview of the financial situation in a fast and reliable manner. We needed a property management software that employs true double entry, GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) accounting with a full audit trail on every single transaction. We weren't willing to take any financial risks with our money or our owners.  

It took us time and research to find the right property management software solution for us. Our evaluation included carefully assessing the major software solution players in the property management industry while keeping our long list of must have features top of mind. Our must have features/areas to watch out for included: leasing, management and tracking of tenant information, accounting and billing, maintenance, marketing available rentals, handling maintenance tickets, rent collection and ledger management.

In short, we found Rentvine, the right property management software for our team. Rentvine has the right features to help us streamline our processes while increasing our team efficiency. Here is what Alexandra Mihailescu, a member of the implementation team at HomeVault, has to say about why we chose Rentvine:

We compared Rentvine to a couple of other management softwares before deciding to switch. We considered the integrations they promised, and appreciated the customization possibilities and forward-thinking attitude

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The onboarding process was smooth sailing. We had a dedicated Rentvine Onboarding Specialist holding our hand the entire way. Their responsive technical team helped us add our entire portfolio of properties, owners, tenants, and vendors. Rentvine provided and organized training sessions with our team to enable them to become familiar with the tool as soon as possible. In Alexandra Mihailescu’s words:

During onboarding the RV team was very responsive and helpful, even though a lot of manual work was needed on our end. We had a dedicated representative helping us throughout the process, and he even held a training session with our staff, which was of great help.

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At HomeVault, we believe customer service is key to the success of our business. Rentvine has offered very responsive and friendly customer service at every turn. The team has been fast in responding to our queries and accommodating to any of our requests.
We appreciated the numerous check-ins from our Rentvine Onboarding Specialist, which clearly helped us to make progress in the right direction much faster. After talking to the team in charge of the implementation, Noma, our content specialist, concludes that:

The onboarding process was smooth sailing from the word go. Rentvine was very accommodating to everyone in our team from operations to sales to accounting and marketing. They took the time to walk us through the whole Rentvine experience. Offering user-friendly tutorials and unlimited support

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We believe that Rentvine has considerably improved our daily processes. We are faster and more efficient as a company now due to switching to Rentvine. Our favorite features within Rentvine include the built-in website syndication widget and tenant verification tool, no doubt providing value to any property management company. Here is what Matthew Tringali, our CEO of HomeVault Academy, had to say about his experience:

Over the years I have switched property management systems four different times for various reasons. It is always a serious decision to make a switch and each time I switched led to a different experience. Most of the transitions I made were very challenging and while the companies involved always made big promises, we were generally left on our own to struggle through the process. While the switch to Rentvine also included the inevitable challenges of making a switch, they stood alone as a true partner and guide to make the transition as effortless as possible. What set Rentvine apart in this experience is the level of access and responsiveness when help is needed.

Looking to the future, we are excited about the further progress of Rentvine's Open API further allowing us to integrate our preferred third party property management tools.
Overall, we are happy with the transition to Rentvine. We believe Rentvine has tons of potential for property managers, the property management industry and anyone looking for new property management software. Rentvine was the right decision for HomeVault to make.

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