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Release Notes 4/22/2022

Release Notes 4/22/2022

New Features and Enhancements


  • Added notification if remote check processing fails


  • Added error message if end date is before start date on create owner statement batch page.


  • Added text that shows if a property is using the default showing provider specified in the global settings.

  • Included property information on property notes that are shared with an owner on the owner statement.


  • Added option to syndicate to when activating a listing


  • Added ability to modify the email address of a party after the document has been sent for signature.


  • Added Property/Unit column to Pay Bills page

  • Added Portfolio column to Money Out/Bills page

  • Added additional enhancements to reconciliation page

    • Replaced auto saving of progress on reconciliation. You must click on the “Save” button in order to save any progress.  This allows you to clear transactions and come back to it at a later time from any device.

    • Sort by amount column

    • Added check all / uncheck all option

  • Added a warning message if a remote check has already been sent out on a payout and the user is attempting to send out another one.



  • When a new work order is created in the manager portal, the “Managed By” field defaults to the Rentvine user creating the work order.

  • Added description field that is associated to a tenant phone number on the  work order pdf.


  • Added birthdate to owner and tenant reports.

  • Added payee type filter to check register report.

  • Added grand total to GL report when grouped by ledger

Vendor Portal

  • Added ability to sort most columns on work order list view

  • Added property filter to work order list view

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where audit log was showing Rentvine Support as the user instead of the actual user, I.e. tenant, owner, PM.  

  • Fixed bug where you could not update custom fields based on role permissions.

  • Fixed bug where owner statements were not showing the correct amount on unpaid bills with a markup.

  • Fixed bug where work order estimate amount was not showing on owner statements.

  • Fixed bug where work order scheduling time was not accounting for timezone.

  • Fixed bug where commercial space type field was not appearing.

  • Fixed bug where Action button would not appear on property details page depending on user role.

  • Fixed bug on work order view in vendor portal where vendor could not accept the work order because suggested schedule was not selected.

  • FIxed link on vendor text message notification email.

  • Fixed bug when trying to share multiple files.

  • Fixed bug when creating a folder with special characters.

  • Fixed reapply payment bug related to convenience fee charges.

  • Fixed bug on work order create page where selected vendor was not saving.

  • Fixed bug where certain vendor invoices were not converting to a bill.

  • Fixed bug where text message conversation view was pulling other conversations after scrolling.

  • Fixed bug where bank account was not saving on New Single Payment page.

  • Fixed bug where tenant could not pay security deposit if lease had pay “Full Amount Only” option enabled on the lease.

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