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Tenant Turner is Now Integrated With Rentvine

Tenant Turner is Now Integrated With Rentvine

Tenant Turner is now integrated with Rentvine! Tenant Turner offers showing-scheduling software with optional showing lockboxes and a leasing call center. Their robust web-based lead management software works for you 24/7/365, whether you have a dozen rentals or thousands. And it's backed by world class support, similar to Rentvine's customer support, or we wouldn't encourage you to use them! 

Together, we can seamlessly integrate your listings for showings on your property manager website. Check out the benefits below.

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  • Seamless Integration
    Your listings information is automatically imported into Tenant Turner when you put them on the market in Rentvine so you don't have to enter it in multiple systems. Save time and money by reducing double entry.
  • Never lose a quality lead to a competitor 
    Automatically answer the tenant lead calls and emails 24/7 so you can focus on more important matters.
  • In-Person & Secure Self Showings 
    You control how and when you show your rentals, including clustering and open houses. Tenant Turner also supports lockbox showings including electronic lockboxes, combo lockboxes, and CodeBoxes..
  • Calendar Integration 
    Tenant Turner can check your Google or Microsoft Office 365 calendar for scheduling conflicts prior to allowing scheduled showings.
  • Automatic Application Link
    Automatically send your application after a completed showing.
  • Rentsign
    Once an application is completed, turn your applicants into tenants in seconds with Rentsign. All your leasing activities and documents in one place.

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With our integrations, we enable you to utilize the software that helps reach your business needs. Our mission is to provide superior property management software that: CUSTOMERS recommend to their peers, EMPLOYEES are proud of, and provides long-term value to the PROPERTY MANAGEMENT COMMUNITY.

Interested in learning more about Tenant Turner? Schedule a demo here!
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