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Property Management Call Center

Keeping phone calls out of PM voicemails since 2011!

Phone Tenders

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50%-75% of callers that hit a voicemail hang up without leaving a message.

What has your voicemail cost you?

  1. Management Leads
  2. Negative Reviews
  3. Longer Days on Market
  4. Patience of Callers

While current clients and tenants will leave a voicemail due to the fact that their already contractually obligated to work with someone who’s unreachable, people who are unfamiliar with your business (New Management Leads & Prospective Tenants) who are reaching out for information are likely to keep moving down the list until they get a live answer.

What calls do I send to Phone Tenders?

Different management companies use us in different capacities.

  • Some use us as a Virtual Front Desk screening all of their calls.
  • Others use us as a back up for Overflow & Afterhours.
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We’re equipped to help with all property management calls!

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  • Leasing calls
  • Management leads
  • Maintenance
  • Owner questions
  • Tenant questions
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How will my property management calls be handled?

Because we ONLY answer calls for management companies, we’re able to break our scripts down to specific instructions for example:

  1. Leasing Calls

    • Prequalify
    • Answer questions
    • Schedule showings
  2. New Management Calls

    We’ll check to see if your BDM (or whoever is responsible for selling your services) is available. If not, we’ll gather info like:

    • Contact Info
    • Address
    • Reason for shopping
    • Desired monthly rent

    We can even schedule a management presentation, or schedule a call back.

  3. Maintenance Calls

    Assuming it’s NOT an emergency, we’ll point the tenant to their portal while explaining that’s the fastest way to get their needs met. If they’re not able to do that, we can take a message and get it to your maintenance coordinator.

    Emergency call center coming in 4th Q 2021

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All other calls: Owner, Tenant, Vendors etc, we can do any of the following:

Warm Transfer

This is when we call ahead to the person they’d need to speak with, see if they’re available (if so) we connect the call personally and then dismiss ourselves.

Cold Transfer

This option is for when they need to only speak with one individual or non urgent matters, where if you’re not available they can leave a message on your personal voicemail.

Take a message

If you’re not available for a warm transfer, or if this type of call is not time sensitive we can take a message, and send it to you via Email so that you can address it when you’re ready.

Schedule a meeting

For people you’d like to speak with, just not right at this moment we can use calendly (or similar appointment setting app) to schedule a time to meet that’s convenient for you.

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Why is Phone Tenders the Best Property Management Call Center?

First and foremost, we started this service to make our lives easier at our management company in West Palm Beach FL. So we are consistently up to date on best practices and new industry trends.

Our pricing structure is simple…

No hidden fees & No annual contracts.

We like working with people, who like working with us!

  • $195 start up
  • $97 per month which covers the first 50 minutes
  • $0.65 per minute for leasing calls
  • $0.75 per minute for mainline calls.

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