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07-27-23 Release Notes

07-27-23 Release Notes

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New Highlighted Features and Enhancements

  • NEW - Recently Visited Pages Button

    • Easily navigate to the last 10 recently visited pages

  • NEW - Open in Map link

    • Now you can easily open up a google map of the property or unit’s location from many pages within Rentvine

      • Property and Unit page

      • Work Order (Manager and Vendor portals)

      • Application

      • Inspection

  • NEW - Tax Withholdings - Learn More

    • Withhold a percentage of rental income from certain owners

  • New - Globally disable Vendor Ratings (Review)

    • You have the option to globally disable the sending of requests to residents for reviewing vendors when closing a work order

  • New - Easier Navigation in Global Settings
    • Enhanced navigation of getting back to previous pages within the settings pages by providing a drop down menu at the title of the page


  • Number per page - When you change the default number, it remembers that choice for other list views, keeping the same number

  • Merged “Create Bill” into “Modify Bill” permission

  • Move Out widget now sorts by Days Since Move out column

  • Added permission that controls access to the Manager Dashboard.  The permission can be found in the administration section of a role.

  • Added permission that controls the viewing and editing of Tax ID’s on contacts.  The permission can be found in the contacts section of a role.

  • Enhanced Navigation of getting back to previous pages within the settings pages by providing a drop down menu at the title of the page

  • Increased Twilio number limit

  • Removed expense column from additional management fees section on management fee settings page if in Bill mode

Screening and Applications

  • Added text that specifies if a criminal or eviction check comes back with no records.

  • Added property address to the email notification details that is sent to the property manager when a generic application is submitted

  • Added ability to manually enter an address when sending an applicant an invitation to apply

  • Added a new notification type to send a notification when a screening report has completed


  • Added additional toggles on the Animal section of a lease to specify if animal “Is Emotional Support Animal” or “Is Service Animal”


  • Added additional hotfields to the rentsign property type

    • Mgmt Fee:Percent of Rent Payments

    • Mgmt Fee:Minimum Management Fee

    • Mgmt Fee:Recurring Flat Amount (Leased)

    • Mgmt Fee:Recurring percent of Market Rent (Leased)

    • Mgmt Fee:Recuriring percent of Actual Rent (Leased)

    • Mgmt Fee:Recurring Flat Amount (Vacant)

    • Mgmt Fee:Recurring Percent of Market Rent (Vacant)

    • Lease Fee

    • Lease Renewal


  • Added ability to attach a file to:

    • Vendor Credit details view page (Files Tab)

    • Bank Transfer details view page (Files Tab)

    • Journal Entries details view page (Files Tab)

  • If Bill is partially paid, added banner to the PDF of that bill to say “Bill has been partially paid”

  • Vendor Invoice List view page - Added “Work Order Assignee” as an optional columns to add to the list view

  • Added ability to download a test NACHA file that can be provided to a bank

  • Added ability to search by unit address on the work order search field of the Add or Edit Bill page.


  • Added a Bills tab to the HOA details view page to only show bills associated to that HOA


  • Added property address to the email notification details that is sent to the property manager when a generic application is submitted

  • When sending a mass text message that allows replies, the text message now shows who the user was that sent the text message

  • Updated Tenant Gives Notice (Move Out Requested) notification email to provide more detailed information

  • Added a new notification type to send a notification when a screening report has completed


  • Added two additional columns to the work order list view

    • Scheduled Start Date

    • Modified On

  • Added new default setting to specify what work order status to use when creating a new work order from the manager portal


  • New Vendor Rating reports based on the vendor reviews submitted by residents

    • Vendor Detail Rating

    • Vendor Summary Rating

  • New Rentsign Status Reports

    • Rentsign Status

    • Rentsign Detail Status

  • Added ability to filter by property group(s) on the Cash Flow and Income Reports

    • Cash Flow

    • Cash Flow Detail

    • Cash Flow Property Comparison

    • Income Statement

    • Income Statement Property Comparison

  • Bank Ledger Report - Check number is now viewable on the report (reference column)

  • Work Order Report - Added “Invoice Count” as an optional column

  • Lease Recurring Charges Report - Added “Lease charge is active” filter.  Allows you to filter to only show active recurring charges

  • Vendor Payment Report - added “property group” and “property manager” as a filter and column options

  • Properties Report - Added “actual rent amount” column to the 

  • Lease Charge Report - Added “amount due” as a filter and column option

  • Rent Roll Report - Added “late fee times” and “nsf fee times” columns as an option.  Allows you to quickly see the number of times a late fee or nsf fee charge has been added to a lease

  • Select accounting reports now sort by the number of the Chart of Account / GL

Owner Portal

  • Added ability to print Rent Roll report

Administrative Portal

  • New core data and financial data Import tools were created to facilitate onboarding process

  • Made account name a link

  • A default check template is now created when a new account is provisioned

  • The last 4 of bank account number is now visible on bank account details view

  • Added last login column to users list view

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed verbiage on settlements view page when there are no search results

  • Fixed issue where reference number search was not returning results on the Money Out / Payments list view page

  • Fixed issue where tenant remarks in Move Out statement PDF wee not holding the same format as entered

  • Fixed “view coverage” link on Rentvine TLL insurance

  • Fixed an issue where you could not save t changes made to the branding settings

  • Rebuilt all validators to address a memory leak issue

  • Fixed issue where the browser back button was not working to take you back to the previous pages that were visited on Rentvine

  • Fixed deleting of letter templates issue

  • Fixed issue where capitalization of payer on check was causing a print issue

  • Fixed tags delete issue

  • Fixed tax adjustment add issue

  • Fixed form replacement issue in Rentsign when replacing form with smaller number of pages

  • Fixed time stamp issue on printing of chats

  • Fixed issue where searching in the screening/applications/refunds and settlements list view was failing

  • Fixed issue where print button on a lease credit was not functioning

  • Fixed issue where declining an invoice was producing an error

  • Fixed issue where an API user was not being displayed on the timeline

  • Fixed application issue that was affecting older safari browsers and apple devices

  • Fixed issue where column headers were removed when customizing the columns on a list view page

  • Fixed check number not being set correctly during move out flow

  • Fixed multiple sentry errors

  • Fixed “date created” filter on work order list view search

  • Fixed issue where modifying some owner fields would cause some other fields to be reset

  • Fixed wrong banner message when tenant submitted renters insurance information

  • Fixed issue where Rentvine TLL was showing under the TLI insurance providers section if Rentvine TLL is not enabled on the account

  • Fixed issue where the notification page was not showing anything for one customer account

  • Fixed issue where the unit number was not showing on the lease charges view page

  • Fixed issue where on the late fee setting add and edit page, anytime after 3 PM was not showing in the dropdown menu

  • Fixed issue where the default other payment type was not saving

  • Fixed issue where sending email messages using email templates were failing

  • Fixed Rentsign creation issue where it showed a “ID is required to get name” error

  • Fixed mass email issue where some were stuck processing

  • Fixed issue where exporting a report as Json would produce a PDF instead

  • Fixed Rentsign send for signature issue

  • Fixed load state when deleting a tag in global settings

  • Fixed cash flow report not working when a unit was selected on the ledger filter

  • Fixed issue where a remote check would fail because it reached a 10,000 character limit

  • Fixed rejecting a work order in vendor portal was not being rejected

  • Fixed adding a 0 in phone number when editing a property manager’s details

  • Fixed GL report group by issue

  • Fixed TLI activations not syncing with core enrollments

  • Fixed NACHA download error

  • Fixed phone number validation issue

  • Fixed ledger dropdown order by and search

  • Fixed vendor drop down order and search

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