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10-21-22 Release Notes

10-21-22 Release Notes

New Features and Enhancements


  • Enhanced Recurring work order

    • Added option to email/assign vendor at time of creation

  • Complimentary Enhanced Global Search

    • added the unit code to the Global Search

  • Enhanced Work Order Report

    • Added “latest note” reporting option

  • Enhanced Reporting

    • New Search Bar to allow faster filtering for the available columns when customizing

  • Enhanced Photo Uploading

    • Added a new feature to Photos to JPEG format when uploading on Properties page


  •  Added option to delete all photos in the images tab


  • Added ability to view a history of recurring charges when clicking on the amount

  • “Move Out” option moved up in the “Actions” menu

  • Added move out notes on Main lease view banner (if exist)

  • Added DOB of Tenant on Lease Creation (Move In)

  • Added Lease fee to the Bill on creation to lean out the workflow and improve efficiency

  • Improved the Move Out Flow

    • Made Credits more clear to reduce mistakes on the Move Out workflow

  • Added ability to print a Returned Tenant Payment

  • If tenant payment was returned, added the return date to the printed PDF

  • Added Lease Fee details to Move in


  • Added search bar for available columns when customizing a report

  • Added “Latest Note” column option to Work Order report

  • Added “Property tag” and “Unit tag” filers to the Lease report

  • Added “Property Group” to the Lease report

  • Added “Amount Unpaid” column and filter to Lease Charges report

  • Added “Management Fee Setting” column and filter to Rent Roll Report

  • Added “Start Date” column and filter to Lease Recurring Charges report

  • Added ability to include more than one lease status when filtering Lease reports

  • Added “HOA/Association” column and filter to Owner Unit report

  • Added “Is Empty” and “Is Not Empty” as options to Date and Date range filters on all reports

  • Added “Tenants” column to Lease Charges report

  • Enhanced Unit Management Fees report to include the following additional columns

    • Management Fee Paid

    • Lease Fee Paid

    • Lease Renewal Fee Paid

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed “CC” and “ACH” are disabled at the Global Level will now show disabled at the lease view

  • Fixed Inspection Picture upload when a new Inspection area is created

  • Fixed Screening Address - show the applicants address and not the property address

  • Fixed Global Search for vacant leased properties

  • Fixed work order comments to show regardless of the work order status

  • Fixed Accounts Receivable Debit/Credit display setting

  • Fixed ACH to NACHA in all applicable locations

  • Fixed Sales Tax logic 

  • Fixed Chart of Account Is Held On/Off tag setting

  • Fixed Inspection items for Beds and Bathrooms

  • Fixed Global search links 

  • Fixed Payout Batch email send process

  • Fixed Invitation email process to send only 1 per unit

  • Fixed Applicants Application view error

  • Fixed Sales Tax to properly calculating when base management fee is not taxable

  • Fixed Recurring Bills to retain the description

  • Fixed Recurring Work Orders to show Tenant information on Work Order when global setting enabled

  • Fixed Group Property list to properly show only active items

  • Fixed Owner Portal to properly use the Global Owner Settings for Work Orders

  • Fixed Applicants Application viewing error

  • Fixed Saved Search to allow more than 15 saved objects

  • Fixed bug when deleting a Chart of Account

  • Fixed Unit Management Fee report export

  • Fixed emails showing empty body

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