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2-23-23 Release Notes

2-23-23 Release Notes

New Features and Enhancements

General (10)

  • Created New “SNIPPETS” feature to improve automated text functionality

  • Property Search Enhancements

    • Save and Edit complex searches

    • Added new filters to the search function

  • Notification Enhancements

    • Continued to Enhance version 1.20 Notifications release

      • Application Submitted

      • Work Order Submitted

      • Application Submitted Receipt to Tenant

  • New Application Features

    • Popout screen

      • Used for:

        • Notifications

        • Filters

      • Notification “Drill Down”

    • Properties Page redesign to improve “Flow” and “Navigation”

    • Added File “Preview” on Vendor, Resident and Owner Portals

    • Improved Image resolution on Vendor Portal

    • Improved Activity Logging

    • Built a “New” Preview Image process on upload

    • Build a “New” upload Image to avoid “Preview”

    • Created “PDF” Preview 

    • Created New “SNIPPETS” feature to improve search/automated text functionality 

  • Rentsign Enhancements

    • Improved Tenant signature process to allow all potential tenants to sign at the same time (removes delays between tenants signing leasing agreement) 

    • Allow downloading document when in “Draft Mode”

    • Continued to improve application performance 

    • Added new Radio Buttons and Checkboxes in the form builder 

    • Retain document history on a “Canceled” document

    • Correct Rentsign Settings

    • Corrected Signature and Initial features

    • Fixed field rendering on all forms and text wrapping

    • Improved Mobile Experience

  • New Feature - UI/UX (User Interface / Experience)

    • Improved visual appearance and flow

    • Uniformed tables across the application layer

  • API Feature Enrichments and Fixes

    • Continued to enhance the API features to allow the PM companies to interact with Rentvine with without a UI

    • Added more API documentation

  • Report Enhancements

    • Toggle Headers on/off when exporting

    • Enhance file name setting on Export report

    • Added report rendering options to “Schedule Reports” feature

  • Database Enhancements
    • Added Date/Time modified and deactivated to Key tables (improve audit trail and accountability) 

 Leases (3)

  • Added Next 60/90 days filter 

  • Improved “Second Nature” integration - strengthening the Residential Benefit Pack offering

  • Added more information to Move Out area on the lease

Marketing (1)

  • Improved integration with Showmojo 

Mobile (2)

  • Improved styling 

  • Fixed Screen sizing feature for Android devices

Admin (2)

  • Add account status to logging across all code base 

  • Eliminate payment option if Rentvine account is canceled

Accounting (12)

  • Added signature feature to Check Print.  You can now upload an image of your signature that can be included on check templates.  This way when you print a check it already includes the signature.

  • Added image / cursive writing to check template to expedite the check signing process

  • Added new feature to the GL Report to show date received and deposited (DRE Compliance requirement) - Additional Columns

  • Added “RUBS” nomenclature to clarify the type of Bill to create

  • Added “Refund Type” to the payment screen - eliminates the need to drill down for more information 

  • Sync Recurring Charge Dates between Application and Portal

  • Added additional verbiage to the “Delete Check Process” to provide an alternative to the delete if the removed check must be present on the Ledger (use the Return check process)

  • Added a link from a Bill to the work order if a work order is associated to the bill

  • Show correct property code on Bill payment

  • Added ability to associate an existing Bill to a work order or a an existing work order to a Bill

  • Added ability to change “Payee” on a Unpaid Bill

  • Added a “Quickbooks” Export feature on payments.  The export creates an invoice that you can then import into your quickbooks.

Communication (10)

  • Enhanced “Notifications” features to improve Communication and contact with all Contacts

  • Added Drill down on notifications

  • Added new sliders and drawers to enhance the User Experience

  • Added notification badge 

  • Added ability to mark notifications as Read (time saver feature)

  • Enhanced Mass Message to Portfolio/Owners

  • Added Users First and Last Name to Mass email workflow

  • Enhanced “Chat” order to scroll to the “Newest”

  • Added Work Order number, Unit name/address to Chat Notification

  • Add Vendor Reject reason to System notification (streamline PM need to read an email)

Owner  (3)

  • Option to Auto-notify owner when below balance with a link to make payment

  • Added Non-held Liabilities on the Owner Portal 

  • Added unit and property address on Owner Portal

Portfolio  (3)

  • Added Property Group filter

  • Added option to exclude reserves when calculation Total Funds Held for Owner Balance Notices

  • Fixed Pagination on screen list

Property  (3)

  • Enhanced property page to include Name/code column

  • Added link to Management Fee details

  • Added additional checks to ensure occupants name is included on Move-in workflow

Work Order  (1)

Reports (26)

  • Enhanced Cash Flow and Income Statement Report - Added option to combine Markups and Discounts to the parent GL

  • Removed “Equals” option on Annual Income Statement and Cash Flow reports

  • New Lease Credit Report

  • Enhanced Unit Report - added Occupancy Status and additional property demographics facilitating the PMs to group properties by Occupancy Status

  • Added upcoming charge to the Lease Charges report

  • Added Owner/Vendor Address to the 1099 print report 

  • Added Management Fee setting to the Lease report

  • Added “Last Year” filter to the Annual Cash Flow report

  • Added Tenant Name and Phone to the Lease Charges report

  • Added “Exclude Suppressed” to the Cash Flow Comparison report

  • Added Tenant Name and Phone to the Lease Charges report

  • Added Remote Check filter to the Check Register report

  • Added Prepayment setting to the Cash Flow report

  • Added Ledger Payout to Vendor on the Payment report

  • Added Property group option to the Lease / Property report

  • Added sorting and grouping to all custom fields for reports

  • Added Tenant Status to the Lease Tenants report

  • Added Link to Payment details from the Vendor Payments report

  • Added New Owner / Other payments reports 

  • Added new Upcoming Charges filter to Lease Charges Report

  • Added “Postal Code” filter to Vendor Payments Report

  • Improved the 1099 “Print Report” and allow export to Excel

  • Added “Management Fee” setting to the Lease Charges report

  • Added “Date Closed” filter to the Work Order report

  • Added “Ledger Payout” to Vendor Payment report

  • Added link to the Payment Detail from the “Vendor Payments” report

Bug Fixes (23)

  • Fixed Delete of Rentsign document

  • Fixed being allow to send out Rentsign document that has no linked parties

  • Fixed “Blank” Rentsign going out completely blank (only input fields should be blank - not the entire document)

  • Fixed Text wrapping in Rentsign

  • Fixed file-size limitation in Rentsign

  • Fixed Unit Management Fee report to work when app is in “Bill Mode”

  • Fixed “Hot Fields” on all templates to eliminate issues

  • Fixed Email Notifications to always get sent

  • Fixed Information pop-ups on Lease section

  • Fixed SAVE on recurring charges

  • Fixed Screen size and scrolling features when app is using on a mobile device

  • Fixed Notifications Text to provide more descriptive detail in the message

  • Fixed “Mark All Read” in Notifications

  • Fixed “Chat” scrolling 

  • Fixed Portfolio Balance report balances

  • Fixed allow management fee to be suppressed if percentage is zero

  • Fixed several letter template features 

  • Fixed “Portfolio” balance notification - exclude reserves in Total Fund Held

  • Fixed “Exclude Suppressed” on all applicable reports

  • Fixed “Work Order Status” order

  • Fixed date range filter on Cash Flow and Income Statement Annual report

  • Fixed several list and views to Handle “HTML” from quill properly

  • Fixed “Child Sharing Paths” for files to align with the parent directory setting

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