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3-19-23 Release Notes

3-19-23 Release Notes

New Features and Enhancements

General (7)

  • Major Vendor & Supplier Rating

    • New feature to allow Tenants to rate the service(s) provided by the vendor/supplier.  See KB Article here

    • Ratings are viewable at the vendor level under Contacts and on the individual work order

  • Refactoring Application Continues

    • Backend improvements to simplify the code, improve the application speed and provide pathway for future features and enhancements

      • Maintenance / Inspection

      • Rentsign

  • UI/UX (User Interface / Experience) Enrichment 

  • Focus on Mobile devices and improving the end-user experience  

  • Notification Enhancements

    • Continued to Enhance prior Notifications release

      • Added Notification to last person that sent text when a text message is received

      • Added Notification setting to allow PM to automatically notify the vendor when a work order is assigned   

  • Search

    • Email addresses added to Global Search functionality

  • Syndication

    • Added the ability to syndicate commercial properties to “ShowMojo” showing provider

  • New Application Features

    • Vendor/Supplier Rating 

    • Print Activity Logging on Rentsign Documents

    • Added account number validation on Resident Portal.  Residents have to type in their account number in the confirming account number fields when making payments.

Admin (1)

  • Fixed Admin Payouts

    • Add remit button to Batches that have unremitted payouts

    • Separate payouts on a batch into Paid Out and Not Remitted cards

    • Add Amount Paid column

    • Add Card for Stats, Unremitted Payouts, and Remitted Payouts (in that order & collapsible)

      • If payout.payoutProviderID, is Remitted Payout

      • If no payout.payoutProviderID, is Unremitted Payout

    • Show Remit button if there’s one or more unremitted payout

Accounting (2)

  • Enhanced Quickbooks Export integration - added vendor credits

  • Cloning a Bill - Improved to carry over the Unit details

Communication (2)

  • Added a new feature to allow the Property Manager to automatically notify the vendor when a work order is assigned 

  • Added notification to the last person that sent text when a Text Message is received

Contacts (1)

  • Added Vendor reviews results to the vendor contact view

Marketing (2)

  • Added the ability to override the application link in the Properties page/card

Mobile (1)

  • UI/UX  (User Interface / Experience) enhanced and enriched - keeping with the objective to improve the Mobile experience - more coming

Owner Portal (1) 

  • Removed Tenant Name from the Live Ledger

Work Order (2) 

  • Added maintenance limit to view

  • Added Due Date filter to work order list view page

Reports (19)

  • Added Portfolio Name to the Lease Charges report

  • Added Maintenance Categories report (Vendor Trade focused)

  • Added Work Order to the Payable report and enhanced the “NOT” comparator

  • Added Exclude filter to the Rent Roll report

  • Added Lease Custom Fields to the Rent Roll report

  • Added Management Fee setting to the Vendor Payment Report

  • Fixed Retained and Current Year earning on Balance sheet

  • Added Recurring Work Order filter to the Work Order report

  • Added Property Manager to the Property report

  • Added Associations to the Property report

  • Added City/State filter to the Cash Flow Property and Income Statement Comparison reports

  • Exclude Suppressed Charge balances from the balance column on the Manage Unit section on the Owner Statement

  • Added Multi-unit column and filter to the Vendor Payments and Payables report

  • Added Move Out days to the Lease Report

  • Removed text formatting tags on the Work Order report

  • Added Actual Rent to the Units report

  • Added Market Rent to the Lease report

  • Added Country to the Lease Balances report

Bug Fixes (41)

  • Fixed Work Order date widget to display the calendar fully

  • Fixed Retained and Current Year earning on Balance sheet

  • Fixed work order description - removed formatting tags 

  • Fixed Work order estimate balance (not decreasing when making a deposit on a open work order)

  • Fixed Error when trying to override payout setting on a portfolio

  • Fixed payer on Bill Charge

  • Fixed Bill count on the Owner Portal

  • Fixed Unread Notification from disappearing 

  • Fixed the Create Lease from Application Lease Fee amount (pull from the Management Fee setting properly)

  • Fixed rounding on the Overdue Invoice report

  • Fixed Accounts Payable report to pull all outstanding items when using the “Current and Future” setting

  • Fixed Work Order / Project link association

  • Fixed switching between portfolios 

  • Fixed canceled work order from appearing on the Owner Statement

  • Fixed duplicate emails being sent 

  • Fixed Cut / Paste Leading and Trailing spaces in email addresses

  • Fixed Insurance document link

  • Fixed Multi-Unit Work Order to link to both the unit and property

  • Fixed Work Order Vendor link when creating a work order from the Vendor contact (vendor should be automatically populated)

  • Fixed Mass Letter generation and send feature 

  • Fixed Work Order Report missing filter

  • Fixed Check Register remote check filter

  • Fixed Property not showing on Money Out 

  • Fixed file name overlapping on work order attachment page

  • Fixed converting an Invoice to a Bill

  • Fixed file sharing on Owner and Tenant portal

  • Fixed Lease credit showing on Owner Statement

  • Fixed ability to create a Bill from an Invoice on the vendor page

  • Fixed File Upload on the Tenant Portal

  • Fixed Owner Portal to not show files uploaded by the tenant to adhere to the portal share setting

  • Fixed Work Order template overlapping fields 

  • Fixed Editing recurring work orders

  • Fixed Cloning Bills to pull in the Property from the original object

  • Fixed Managed by on Work Order create

  • Fixed creating a Multi-unit work order to pull the Unit Address

  • Fixed HOA filter on Mass Email 

  • Fixed Deleting Lease

  • Fixed Exporting Cash Flow report to Excel

  • Fixed Late Fee setting to properly save the setting

  • Fixed Total on vendor invoice

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