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11-21-22 Release Notes

11-21-22 Release Notes

New Features and Enhancements


  • Email and Letter Templates Enhancements

    • Added ability to search for hot fields

    • List of selectable hot fields are now logically grouped to make it easier to locate

    • Preview option added to allow you to see what the template will look like.

    • Added additional hot fields that produce a table

      • Unpaid Charges Table

      • Unpaid Overdue Charges Table

      • Upcoming Charges Table

      • Move Out Reconciliation Table

      • Tenant Ledger Table

        • This hot field allows you to choose how many days of the ledger you want to show.

          • It defaults to show the last 30 days, however you can change the number of days to your preference

    • Added an advanced section when creating or editing templates

      • Template layouts (margins, page size, orientation) are now configurable on each template

      • Option to include a header.  The header uses the information defined in the Branding section (Logo ,website URL, address, phone number).

        • The branding section can be found in the global settings in “Account Manager”.

  • Notification Enhancements

    • Added ability to customize some notifications (listed below) by giving you the ability to choose your own email template as the notification that gets delivered

      • Application Submitted

      • Work Order Submitted

      • Application Submitted Receipt to Tenant

  • Work Order Enhancements

    • The managed by/assigned user now gets notified for the following events below:

      • A note is added to the work order

      • A vendor accepts the work order

      • A vendor rejects the work order

      • Tenant adds a file to the work order

    • New Feature - Watchers 

      • PM’s can now add themselves as watchers to work orders.  This allows the Watcher to see all major events in the lifecycle of the object. 


  • Rentsign Enhancements

    • New and improved rendering engine

    • Improved speed

    • Newly uploaded PDFs are converted to much smaller size

    • Set a signing order for the parties on a document.

      • I.e. set all of them to sign at the same time instead of one at a time.

    • Improved “Hot Field” management - hot fields are now searchable.

    • Text Box field now handles multilines

    • Ability to replace form with another form but still keep the fields that were already defined.

  • New Feature - Portfolio Balance Notice

    • PM’s can now enable automatic email notices to owners if the portfolio operating balance falls below the total funds held (Total Funds Held = Reserves + Unpaid Bills + Work Order Estimates).

    • The default notification has a link that takes the owner directly to their owner portal to make a contribution.

  • Enhanced the Mass Email to allow filter by State and Portfolio (HOA) 

  • Enhanced the 2022 1099 print to meet the required filing requirements 

  • Added timeline to Late Fee and Owner Statement settings

Screening and Applications

  • Enhanced the Merge Process to bring over the screening reports

  • Added Email and Phone number to facilitate the creation of a lead in LeadSimple

  • Fixed format of the questionnaire to allow proper spacing for better clarity


  • Added ability to view a history of recurring charges when clicking on the amount

  • Added Move In Data to the filter list

  • Added County to the Mass Email feature


  • Added timeline to track activating and deactivating listing of a property

  • Added Pre-release to the Rently feed

  • Added “Dog” in the Other Pets for Showmojo


  • Added Hawaii time zone to the admin setting 


  • Added Last 4 data values of the bank account or credit card to owner payment receipt (Money In)

  • Added timeline to Payment Batches

  • Added Description / Reference to the Bank Transfer report


  • Replaced all “External Unknown” message IDs with the actual email address associated with the message

  • Enhanced the messages page to show name of contact and to sort by last reply.

  • Added feature to print out Text messages


  • Added new report “Lease Tenants” - This report shows each tenant on a lease with contact information of each tenant on the lease.

  • Added Mass Email filter by State and Portfolio (HOA)

  • Added sorting and filtering to the Email and Letter Setting Feature

  • Added vendor trade to the vendor report with the ability to filter

  • Added Property Group filter and column to the property report

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Email Template inputs

  • Fixed the Showmojo feed 

  • Fixed reactivate multi property issue

  • Fixed Show Owner Bills issue - to properly work when not enabled

  • Fixed - Removed the work order tab from the owner portal if the Setting is disabled 

  • Fixed Past Due Lease Setting to properly show if its enabled on a lease

  • Fixed Owner Payment view to work regardless of the payment method

  • Fixed Rentvine Logo “On Click” issue

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