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9-07-22 Release Notes

9-07-22 Release Notes

New Features and Enhancements


  • Vendor/Owner Portal Improvements

    • Improved Picture Preview

    • Show Security Deposit held

    • Notes are shown on the portal if “Share” is enabled

  • Enhanced Owner Statement to include a “Make Payment Now” link on the yellow balance message at the top of the statement, to simplify the ability for the Owner to make a contribution

    • If clicked, the owner payment page will appear with the amount to pay prefilled (making the process even easier)

  • Enhanced the Owner Statement to show closed work orders as a list on the owner statement.

    • Provides better communication from the PM to the Owner to show all the completed work the PM does for the owner including the amount billed or not billed.

    • This is an optional module that can be turned on or off if you want to show it on the statement.

How to Create or Edit an Owner Statement Setting

  • Added description of “Other Payments” to appear on Owner Statement

  • Added the ability to clone email and letter templates

  • Added the Date to all report names when delivered via email (scheduled reports)



  • Added “isHeld” on the GL import for onboarding purposes


  • Added reports to show accounts with active subscriptions

  • Rebuilt Core Search indexes to provide better performance


  • Re-enable text messaging 


  • Added Animals and Vehicles to leases.  Give you the ability to track animals and vehicles on each lease.  These are now their own card on a lease view.

  • Show move out reason on the lease view page once the move out has been completed


  • Improved the Work Order template for better use of the available space making it easter to read and use for the Vendor

  • Added “Date Due” to work orders

  • Added ability to filter by unit on the work order list view


  • Added a “Warning” on Pay Owner page to check for any outstanding (unbilled) management fees that are outstanding

  • Added timeline logging to track changes to management fee profiles


  • Added MFG Date for Appliance associate to the property


  • Added Vendor Reference information to payables report to support better cross reference capability

  • Enhanced Filters on the Lease report 

  • Enhanced Filters on the Payables report

  • Added listing information on the Vacancy report

Owner Portal

  • Improved Picture Preview

  • Added Security Deposit held

  • Added Note Cards to the portal if “Share” is enabled on notes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed remove all expired changes on Lease Report

  • Fixed added Unit to the Mass Lease Letter

  • Fixed Escrow mismatch to not include Owner Held Security deposits

  • Fixed Properly show the work order detail on Owner Portal

  • Fixed Chat print to include the entire conversation

  • Fixed Deleting parties on the Rentsign builder

  • Fixed Pagination on the 1st page of the Portfolio Page

  • Fixed Selection of bank on Pay Bills

  • Fixed Removed zero dollar rent on Portfolio lease tab view

  • Fixed Deactive/Active filter on Portfolio Page

  • Fixed Delete icon position on pictures in the Marketing Page

  • Fixed Retain the Users email when setting up “Recurring Work Orders”

  • Fixed edited Bill Description on Owner Statement

  • Fixed Date logic on Lease Reminder

  • Fixed Vendor Reminders notification to take the vendor to the work order page

  • Fixed Action selection on Payment to not show Send Remote Checks if batch not approved

  • Fixed Overlapping text on Utility Bill

  • Fixed Overdraft exceed misleading error

  • Fixed Add Bill Spin

  • Fixed “Recurring Expired” Bills from showing on the Tenant Portal

  • Fixed Payee Payment types on Pay Bills

  • Fixed Lead Form to show all errors on upload

  • Fixed Duplicate work order numbers

  • Fixed Inspection Printing Error

  • Fixed Owner filter to work properly with the Active/Inactive selection

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