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Release Notes 05-17-2022

Release Notes 05-17-2022

New Features and Enhancements


  • Enhanced global search results to include a list of actions available per object.  I.e., add work order, add bill, view statement, chat, etc…

  • Added option to remove dollar sign ($) on check templates


  • Added work order estimates balance to the portfolio ledger tab.


  • Added option to label a unit as a “Non-Revenue Unit” so it does not show on vacancy report while the unit is still active.


  • Added option to syndicate to when activating a listing.

  • Added priority filter to work order list view.


  • Added option to print a lease charge to pdf.


  • Added ability to ‘tab’ through the hot fields and text fields to make editing of the document easier.

  • Rentsign documents will now autosave every 30 seconds when inside the builder.


  • Enhancements to reconciliations

    • Enhanced the information provided on the balances (Cleared and Adjusted Cash) on reconciliation page..

      • Defaults to only show the balances, option to get more details by clicking on the arrow.

      • Detailed amounts are now based on the entered statement end date.

      • Some of the detailed amounts are clickable to get a breakdown of how they were calculated.

    • Only show items in the money in and money out sections up to the entered statement end date.

    • Added sorting to reference and description columns of the money out section.

    • When an item is checked, the line changes color to let you know that it's been cleared.

    • Added “successfully saved” toaster message when a reconciliation is saved.


  • Added property manager name, email and phone as selectable hotfields on lease and work order email / letter templates.

  • Added property and unit custom fields as selectable hotfields on lease and work order email / letter templates.

  • Added total past due rent as a selectable hotfield on lease email / letter templates

  • Added sender name to subject on text message notification emails.


  • Added ability to create work order projects.  Allows you to create a work order project with multiple work orders associated with it.

    • Create work order project templates so you can easily create new work order projects from it.

    • Create work order templates so you can easily create new work orders from it.

  • Added schedule maintenance window on work order details page to show the date and time that vendor is scheduled to perform work.

  • Added tenant names as a hotfiled option on work order email templates.

  • Enhanced recurring work orders – added additional fields/options

    • Added Managed By field

    • Added Send Email from Use field

    • Added Estimated Amount field

    • Added option if its owner approved

    • Added option to notify vendor upon creation of work order


  • Added insurance information as filters/columns options to property report.

  • Added create date/time as filters/columns to property, unit and portfolio reports.

  • Reports are now sorted alphabetically in each section.

  • Added portfolio custom fields as a filter/column option on portfolio balances report

Vendor Portal

  • Added schedule maintenance window on work order details page to show the date and time that vendor is scheduled to perform work.

  • Replaced “active” filter with “status” filter on work order list view.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug in lease report where the “next month” date filter was not returning the proper results.

  • Fixed recurring work order multi unto to single unit bug.

  • Fixed bug where search was not working on reconciliation page.

  • Fixed bug where images were not showing on email signature.

  • Fixed styling bug when customizing reports.

  • Fixed bug where global search results for tenant shows two addresses.

  • Fixed bug where the send button was not active on text message compose.

  • Fixed bug creating single unit property.

  • Fixed bug where you could not delete a folder based on the role assigned.

  • Fixed styling bug when creating a letter template.

  • Fixed bug where owners were being notified when tenants made rent payments even if the notification setting was disabled.  Only affected a small number of accounts.

  • Fixed bug where security deposit payment was recorded to bank account when payment was made by credit card from the resident portal.

  • Fixed bug on bills with markups when printing to pdf.

  • Fixed bug where live property ledger on owner portal was not being filtered by the property that is being viewed

  • Fixed bug where email signatures would disappear after it was sent the 1st time.

  • Fixed bug where “Send Remote Check” action would appear in payment details page if payment type was not check.

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